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Photographs Summer 2010 - nature

In the garden Roselea owl fawn
Green eyed cat Lavender sheep cuddles
young fawn Owl 3 ducklings by river Eea
Duck family by Cartmel river Eea Iris Rhea
pretty sheep sunflower curious sheep
& seeds clematis pod rose sunflower spider
Grey and white cat water droplet Barrys sheep
Blue spotty heart dew on plant sunset roses
Acer seeds Cartmel black head sheep Love bird chickens
paeony yellow iris rose detail
Barrys sheep roses and bud Iris head
Barrys sheep Baaaa black sheep Barrys sheep
Sheep smile Ewe beauty Barrys sheep
watering can tree crab apple brushes and bottle
village stampede Barber green Bens ten birthday card camouflage fledgeling blackbird
corrugated roofing Cows moving on Hospice September cornflower
onions Cartmel fields drystone wall
leaf jewels leaf jewels leaf jewels
Sheeps eyes
Photos nature PR and Marketing

Photographs County Show 2010

2 ewes Danny's girls piglets
Debbie sells Danny facing ewe George Grange
Jack russell Singing for Danny Sheep with rabbit ears!
Glass eyed sheep with silly ears Debbie and Sandy Pigs 2 and 3
Brewery Youth arts Rabbit ear sheep again Debbie and singer
Photos nature PR and Marketing

Photographs Summer 2010 - insects

green fly wasp detail peacock
red eyed fly butterfly in Hindon Wiltshire bee hanging on buddlejah
radar butterfly courgette hoverfly another been on fennel
red admiral red admiral red admirals
honey trap for a bee honey trap for a bee honey trap for a bee
red admiral and fly red admirals red admiral and fly
Been on fennel butterfly closed wings red admiral
pretty as a peacock strange fly fly stretching
bee with parasite radar wing little green fly
bee seeking nectar hoverflies on poppy Spider fly catcher
Bug Spider catching fly sucking nectar from budhlia
spider in wait peacock butterfly green irredescent fly
admiral feelers red admiral butterfly bee on budjleha
red admiral and fly bug red eyes red admiral detail
Cartmel from Hospice

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4 spider waiting